Ralph / let's crack it

Ralph Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing,Vulnerability Testing and Social Engineering.

Easy to Setup

🐱. Ralph Linux is an easy operatable Debian-based Linux distribution which is setuped as two types : VMWare file & Simple Instalisation Wizard.

Default Settings

🐱. Username : root

🐱. Password : root

Easy to Install Packages

🐱. In Ralph OS we can install any packages by Using Synaptic package manager (GUI).


🐱. Ralph Linux is built and maintained by the community Nixie_Bytes and also community provide tool suggestions.

All required tools for noobies

🐱. Ralph Linux contains a lot of required tools which are extremely useful for those who are just enterd into the Ethical hacking field.Ralph Linux enables security and IT professionals to assess the security of their systems.